Worksite wellness presentations


Mindfulness as a powerful tool in the workplace

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for stress reduction, improved wellness, safety and overall performance in the workplace. Workplace Wellness programs centered around mindfulness are cost-effective strategies to lower workplace injuries by improving the quality of decision making among teams and individuals. There are many ways your group can use mindfulness to reach your target goals. The core concept of Mindfulness, non-judgmental awareness of oneself and one's surroundings, is both team-building and strengthening for each individual in a group. Mindfulness can be incorporated into any task or any meeting and requires only a few moments of time on a regular basis. Mindfulness can also be used to improve workplace habits that lead to healthier outcomes, such as individual and group food choices, and opportunities to move throughout the day.  Benefits of regular Mindfulness practice include lower blood pressure, improved focus, improved long term planning capacity, and greater compassion towards others. Contact me to find out more about hosting a presentation at your workplace.

How does it work?

Momentum Health Coaching has a series of Mindfulness presentations that will teach your group how to practice on a daily basis and reap the benefits of incorporating Mindfulness into your safety culture, your work culture, and your every day lives.  

Session 1, Introduction to Mindfulness. A short introduction on the concept, the history, and applicability of Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation, followed by a short practice.

Session 2, Mindfulness and Safety in the Workplace. A "minds-on" workshop that teaches the relationship between Mindfulness (increased awareness) and safety. We will learn how to increase our awareness of ourselves and our work environment through simple every-day practices.

Session 3, Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. A "minds-on" workshop that teaches us how to respond to stressful events in a manner that reduces our feelings of fear, anxiety or worry, and promotes our ability to maintain equanimity.

Session 4, Mindfulness in our Daily Lives. A "minds-on" workshop that expands our understanding and experience of Mindfulness to include every day activities and our interactions with others.

Session 5, Creating a Culture of Mindfulness. A "minds-on" workshop focused on brainstorming with your group to determine what a culture of mindfulness would look like for your organization.


A focus on food

Are you looking for strategies to help your team embrace healthier food habits? Coach Allie can provide engaging and inclusive talks on nutrition that will leave employees feeling empowered and hopeful. These talks can be done in a series, or you can choose the ones that are most relevant to your group. Contact me for more information about hosting a presentation in your workplace.

Session 1, The basics: A look at the USDA's "MyPlate," alternative food paradigms, and how it all relates to you.

Session 2, The Sugar Roller Coaster: How and why to skip the big dips of high sugar intake.

Session 3, Great Grains: From wheat to quinoa, nutritional aspects of different grains, and tips to start experimenting.

Session 4, Mindful Eating: Learn to savor your food and trust your body's cues for easier portion control.

Session 5, Gateway Vegetables: Love them or hate them, learn some tips for increasing your consumption and loving it.

Session 6, The Complexity and Necessity of Fat: Why your body needs fat, which fats to focus on, and how to use them wisely.

Session 7, Anti-Inflammatory Foods: You can't change your genes, but you can alter your diet. Find out how the food you eat can either raise or lower levels of chronic inflammation in your cells. Curious? Check out this article from The Harvard School of Public Health.