Building life long healthy habits takes Momentum

In the face of great challenges you rise to the occasion - for your work, your family, your friends. But sometimes, the most challenging endeavor is closer to home: meeting your own health needs and sustaining momentum to replace old habits with new ones. Momentum Health Coaching is about stepping out of those old, sabotaging grooves, breaking new trail, and establishing habits that invigorate you for the long term. If you are interested in real and lasting health behavior change that leads to a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, take a look at what Momentum has to offer, and contact Allie.

Why health and wellness coaching?

Strengths and value-based health coaching results in empowered individuals who conquer obstacles they previously thought they could not. There is a growing body of evidence showing that health coaches improve the well-being of their clients in many ways:

  • Coaching helps people implement personal wellness plans and meet individualized goals.

  • Coaching results in new behaviors and new skill development.

  • Coaching improves psychological resources that predict higher performance, capacity to change, and improved mental health.

  • Coaching is related to increased positivity, resilience, and self-efficacy.

Momentum Health Coaching is about long-term behavior change. Whether you are struggling with making consistent nutritious food choices, you want to incorporate more movement into your day, or you simply need support to reach your wellness goals, coaching can help. Momentum Health Coaching evokes your internal motivation and teaches you how to play to your strengths. To start you on the path, you’ll engage in long-term visioning and near-term goal setting. You’ll learn effective mindfulness techniques to de-stress, to bring your awareness to what really matters to you, and to let go of your inner critic. While individual coaching will result in more one-on-one attention, group coaching is a unique way to get to know oneself as part of a small group, to share in challenges and successes, and to reap the rewards of motivating others through empathy and shared experience. 



As a coach, I focus on exploring the possibilities for change unique to each individual; facilitating lifestyle changes; and maintaining new habits that promote a deep sense of  well-being.  I've led nutrition, wellness, and mindfulness workshops for diverse groups and organizations. I've coached women and men in their health goals and in their broader life goals. In my twenties, before pursuing education in health promotion, I worked on a trail crew for the Montana Conservation Corps, working long hours outdoors to clear trail. Then I joined the Peace Corps where I lived in a small village in Senegal, West Africa for two years. In 2009, I received my Masters of Public Health and my Masters in Nutrition from Tufts University, in Boston. After graduation, I worked as an Organic foods certifier and as the Program Director for a non-profit dedicated to sustainable food and agriculture. I started a family in 2012 and moved to Portland, where I began to follow a new path learning more about the psychology of individuals and how to foster healthy habits. In 2016, I became certified as a Health and Wellness Coach through WellCoaches School of Coaching, considered the gold standard in health coaching training. I started working part-time as a health coach at a medical clinic in downtown Portland in 2017 and in 2018 I became a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach through the International Consortium for Health and Wellness Coaches, an organization dedicated to raising the standards for health coaching. The more I learn about coaching and facilitating change, the more excited I am to partner with individuals, with groups, and with organizations to create transformative change and wellbeing. I am also a proud mom and partner, juggling life in Portland, Oregon.

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