Coaching for Individuals and Groups

Why engage a coach?  A coach is a reliable ally: a wellness mentor committed to helping you show up as your best self – for yourself. Studies show that health coaches make a tremendous difference in helping people define and live their goals. Begin with a free health consultation to find out if this is right for you.


Coaching Structure

Clients enroll in a 6-month program, with two 1-hour sessions per month. Clients determine their goals in collaboration with the coach. Programs include email and phone support. $120/month for individuals. Group rates start at $50/month per person. Groups are limited to 5 people. 


Worksite wellness presentations 

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for stress reduction and management in the workplace. Enjoy an hour long presentation on the many ways your group can use mindfulness to target and reduce their stress, including mindful movement, mindful eating, and mindful meditation. This talk gives an overview of the core values of Mindfulness (non-judgmental awareness) and how to practice on a daily basis, especially when faced with moments of stress. The talk ends with a meditation. Benefits of regular Mindfulness practice include lower blood pressure, improved focus, improved long term planning capacity, and greater compassion towards others. $150/presentation.

I wanted to thank you again for coming and sharing your presentation with us! I’ve heard some great feedback about it and I know that we all needed a mindfulness break.
— Ryan Medley, Bouneff, Chally, & Koh, Attorneys at Law

Why hire Allie?

  • Customization: Uncover foods you love and activities you enjoy at your own pace and in your own style with a coach who is excited to adapt to you.
  • Accountability: Create goals and know that your coach will check in with you to hold you to your own plan on your own timeline.
  • Inspiration: Open up to new foods and new ways of looking at your situation through inspirational stories with your coach.
  • Practicality: Coaching sessions can fit into your schedule and focus around your concerns: setting you up for long term success.