Recently I completed a milestone in my training as a coach--I became certified through WellCoaches School Coaching. I was drawn to and inspired by WellCoaches because I've seen their model used in the healthcare industry by Kaiser. Their model fits well with phone coaching and also in-person coaching. They are well known in their field for using evidence based methods to change the health behaviors of individuals with chronic, lifestyle related illness. For me, passing the WellCoaches exams was a big step towards becoming a masterful coach.

The WellCoaches methodology is impressive. They draw on different areas of positive psychology; including motivational interviewing, non-violent communication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, appreciative inquiry, and others. The idea is to create positive conversations that empower individuals to understand their motivations, elucidate their needs, and drive towards their goals. There's a very clear outline WellCoaches are instructed to follow in each session. I've been following that outline with some success - especially the brainstorming - which is used to both illicit client ideas and as an opportunity for me to suggest ideas. 

I'm curious to see going forward, how this outline can guide me, and how I can also find my own rhythm. Already, I see some clients really taking their own path in the conversation, and others desiring to follow my lead. The give-and-take of coaching is a key part of each session. WellCoaches tells us that the client that should be working harder than the coach...just as on the athletic field the best athletes give their all at every practice. My goal is to find a balance, where I am giving my full best as a coach, acting creatively in the moment, and inspiring my client to work hard at determining their strategies for success. Unlike the milestone of completing certification, I believe this will be a life long endeavor!