We all have them, but did you know that sorting barriers can help us get through them? When we're thinking about making a specific change there's usually some (or many) barriers that are standing in the way, otherwise we'd actually be doing the change we're thinking about. Barriers can be pretty intimidating. And some may actually be things we can't control. But what if there was away around them, and a way to bust through the ones we can control? That's where sorting through the barriers comes into play.

If you've got a change in mind you'd like to make...and you know why you want to make it, but you're daunted by all the stones in your path, take out a piece of paper. Make two columns. Column one: things I have control over. Column two: things I do not have control over. Put all of the barriers to change that you have control over in the first column. Put all of the barriers to change that you have no control over in the second column.

Look away. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Fill your mind with all the reasons why you want to make your specific change. Now look back at your paper. Check to see if you've miscategorized any of your barriers and make adjustments.

Now you've got your barriers sorted. You know the things you have control over. Focus on those. Sleep on it. Let your creative mind start devising ways to bust through, dodge, and eliminate those stones in your path. Have fun taking control.