I Can't

And that's ok. As a coach it can be difficult to know what to do when a client comes to me with a strong desire for change, and an equally strong sense that they can't possibly make the change they desire. It's easy to hear the "I want to change" and ignore the "I can't change." Yet, honoring I Can't is one of the most powerful things that a coach can do for a client. 

It’s alright to not know the answer. And it's important for me as a coach to honor my client's reasons for not being able to make a change. Change is a life-long process. Sometimes bringing myself and my clients to the present moment is the first step in a change that may not occur for some time. Sometimes focusing on actions my clients take every day that are positive and that go unrecognized is a powerful shift. Above all, being willing to get down in the weeds and honor obstacles and barriers is a vital part of also being able to help others to find their own way out of the weeds.