Living Mindfully Today and Tomorrow



Duration and Cost

Coaching around weight is part and parcel of Momentum's coaching services. Our first session together is 60 minutes and subsequent sessions are 45 minutes. Group sessions are usually 90 minutes. Twelve to twenty-four weeks is an ideal amount of time to experience substantial improvements in health and well-being.  Twelve sessions can be purchased as a package for $624.00, a 20% discount. Sessions can be purchased individually for $65 per session. Contact me for more information. 

Group Sessions

Group health coaching is an effective and affordable way to get the support and motivation you need to make lasting health behavior changes in your life. In group coaching, we'll create personal wellness visions and goals, and we'll share our successes and learn from our challenges together. Just as group therapy is effective, group coaching provides powerful learning opportunities as you hear and relate to the visions, goals, and challenges of others in a supportive and affirming environment. Group rates are $35 per session per person. A package of twelve group sessions can be purchased for $378 per person, a 10% discount. Groups are small, approximately three - four people. Contact me if you are interested in joining a group or if you have a group in mind.