your body works hard for you

Your lungs move air in and out every second of your life. Your blood circulates to your brain and to your limbs so that you can think, laugh, work, and play. This body of yours does millions of tiny adjustments all day long in an attempt to maintain balance, to keep you alive. Whether you are here because you need or want to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase your endurance, it all starts with respecting, and even loving, the body you have. Why is this so important? It's a funny thing, but bodies are kind of like children—the more you accept and love them, the more they grow into their full potential.

weight neutral and body positive

Momentum Health Coaching is weight neutral and body positive. There is strong research-based evidence that diets just don't work and also that people can achieve health at every size. There's even a movement, called Health At Every Size, that promotes and educates society on the evidence supporting less focus on weight and more focus on self-love, self-care, and self-efficacy. This is what you will learn at Momentum Health Coaching. The result: improved fitness, better nutrition, and a whole lot more energy for the things that bring you peace and joy in your life. Check out the coaching page for more details and pricing or contact me to get started.