Worksite wellness

Are you looking for some ideas to move your workplace in a healthier, more invigorated, and energized direction? I can help. Using coaching tools, I can guide your group to determine what a culture of wellness would look and feel like at your workplace, and how it is connected to your organizational mission. To really move the needle on wellness, you need high engagement from your workforce, and the best way to inspire engagement is to design activities that speak to the motivations and interests of all stakeholders. My approach will involve your workforce in the creation of a unique program that empowers them to be champions of wellness at work. With the investment of your staff, you ensure your long term goal of healthier workers and an energized workplace. 

I’d like to find out more about you and help you to create a program that integrates wellness into the every day culture of your organization. Contact me to start infusing wellness into your organization.


Worksite wellness presentations


peak wellness workshop

Experience coaching tools in a group setting with this unique workshop focused on creating personal wellness visions and setting concrete goals to move you towards your vision of peak wellness. Learn about what works, and what likely won't work when trying to motivate yourself to live well. Tap into your values, strengths and support systems. Behavior change is at the core of coaching and this workshop will teach you more about the science that coaches rely on to empower others to make significant life changes. Your group will walk away with a clear idea of what peak wellness looks like for each of them and an outline of how to get there.


resilience workshop

Ask most anyone about their wellbeing and the stress of work and life will start to surface. We are being asked to do more and to be more efficient every day. It's no wonder that most American workers, a full 70%, report they feel disengaged in their workplace (Gallup poll). This workshop will give your workers new tools to build resiliency in the face of continual stress and changes in the workplace. You'll investigate tools to respond differently to stress, learn more about the brain's responses to stress, and understand what you can do to improve your own sense of calm in the midst of the whirlwind that is life for many of us today. By understanding more about stress and the needs of our whole selves - mind and body - you can begin to feel less powerless, more empowered, and more able to ride through stormy seas undaunted.


Mindfulness workshops

Mindfulness is a powerful tool for stress reduction, improved wellness, safety and overall performance in the workplace. Workplace Wellness programs centered around mindfulness are cost-effective strategies to lower workplace injuries by improving the quality of decision making among teams and individuals. There are many ways your group can use mindfulness to reach your target goals. The core concept of Mindfulness, non-judgmental awareness of oneself and one's surroundings, is both team-building and strengthening for each individual in a group. Mindfulness can be incorporated into any task or any meeting and requires only a few moments of time on a regular basis. Mindfulness can also be used to improve workplace habits that lead to healthier outcomes, such as individual and group food choices, and opportunities to move throughout the day.  Benefits of regular Mindfulness practice include lower blood pressure, improved focus, improved long term planning capacity, and greater compassion towards others.

I have a series of Mindfulness presentations that will teach your group how to practice on a daily basis and reap the benefits of incorporating Mindfulness into your work culture, and your every day lives.  

  • Introduction to Mindfulness. A short introduction on the concept, the history, and applicability of Mindfulness and Mindful Meditation, followed by a short practice.
  • Mindfulness and Stress Reduction. A "minds-on" workshop that teaches us how to respond to stressful events in a manner that reduces our feelings of fear, anxiety or worry, and promotes our ability to maintain equanimity.
  • Mindful Movement Every Day. A "minds-on" workshop that expands our understanding and experience of Mindfulness to include remember to move throughout every day and incorporating more movement into every day activities.
  • Mindfulness and Safety in the Workplace. A "minds-on" workshop that teaches the relationship between Mindfulness (increased awareness) and safety. We will learn how to increase our awareness of ourselves and our work environment through simple every-day practices.
  • Creating a Culture of Mindfulness. A "minds-on" workshop focused on brainstorming with your group to determine what a culture of mindfulness would look like for your organization.


Eating for energy workshop

How do you feel when you are at your best? What kinds of foods fuel you throughout the day? Every one of us may have a unique answer to that question...and there will be some consistent overlap too. Wherever you fit on the eating spectrum, you need energy to live, to thrive, to do the things you love to do in your life. When you put your focus on energy, the eating choices start to become a little more clear. In this workshop your group will learn about common foods that drain energy, as well as foods that are known to give an energy boost. Your team will leave inspired to add in some energy boosting eating practices in the workplace.


a focus on food workshops

For the group who is interested in diving into different parts of our diet, I can craft workshops on a variety of topics.

  •  The basics: A look at the USDA's "MyPlate," alternative food paradigms, and how it all relates to you.
  • The Sugar Roller Coaster: How and why to skip the big dips of high sugar intake.
  • Great Grains: From wheat to quinoa, nutritional aspects of different grains, and tips to start experimenting.
  • Mindful Eating: Learn to savor your food and trust your body's cues for easier portion control.
  • Gateway Vegetables: Love them or hate them, learn some tips for increasing your consumption and loving it.
  • The Complexity and Necessity of Fat: Why your body needs fat, which fats to focus on, and how to use them wisely.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods: You can't change your genes, but you can alter your diet. Find out how the food you eat can either raise or lower levels of chronic inflammation in your cells. Curious? Check out this article from The Harvard School of Public Health.